Lincoln Investment hosts various club meetings each year. The meetings vary from incentive-based to annual sales conferences. The logo concepts for the meetings are required to be multifaceted to represent each meeting while following suit of one theme. The concepts focused on a clean, crisp design that represented a strong element in relation to each individual corresponding theme. The logo concept above for the power up theme was selected to represent the club meetings. Power up exemplifies the idea of striving upwards with the up arrow embodied in a circle to replace the “o” as well as pushing the word “up” to be raised to represent the same momentum.

A website for each club meeting is an essential component that contains important information in regard to the event registration, hotel, travel and activities. I designed and developed the mobile responsive website concept focusing on clarity and ease of use. The navigation bar provides the user with knowledge of the content of the site while allowing them to navigate to any desired section with one click and the site automatically scrolls down to that section, avoiding the hassle of managing multiple webpages. The design implements large photographs to feature the event location as well as alternating color fields for the content heavy sections.
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