Many people use the excuse that they can’t draw or they can’t paint when asked to perform an artistic task. I utilized the common phrase “I Can’t Photograph” and crossed out the ‘T in a bold typeface to show that anyone can make art. The word used to represent the type of art is interchangeable throughout the design and presented in a handwritten script to connect the individual in the photograph to their art. I photographed individuals of all ages and capabilities to showcase the variety of art related tasks.
The t–shirt component of the campaign exemplifies a stylistic vintage camera strap with a simple line illustration of a camera positioned in a way that implies the individual is performing such a task. The tagline on the back shows the individual overcoming their beliefs of lacking artistic ability and instead showing their pride in learning the art form.
The t–shirt design won an award of merit in the AIGA Philadelphia’s Design for Good competition.
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